Saturday, 18 May 2019

EWWR EUROPEAN SPECIAL PRIZE for the project " EWWR Sustainable Art Alphabet"

Sant Josepschool, Navàs wins the EWWR European Special Prize

Europe awards Sant Josep school, Navàs, Catalonia for the cooperation work among schools from six different countries for the creation of an “EWWR sustainable Art Alphabet” which fosters sustainability and waste reduction in a creative and cultural way.
Schools from Catalonia, France, The Netherlands, Italy, Greece and Finland have been involved in the project which is a little part of an eTwinning one called “ We are art”
EWWR Sustainable Art alphabet is an interactive ebook of a creative alphabet made of artistic letters and meaningful messages to foster waste reduction. The main goal of this action was to involve art, sustainability and literacy and then spread the message all across Europe.
Students and teacher from all the participant countries worked in a cooperative way and this helped to spread the project though the whole school communities. Moreover as it is part of an eTwinning project, it has also been disseminated all around Europe.
The EWWR is organizing an annual Awards Ceremony and recognizes the outstanding actions to prevent and reduce waste that take place across Europe during the year.
The event was held at the European Committee of the Regions in Brussels 15th May, and the ceremony was opened by :
-       DG environment European commission, Mr. Daniel Calleja
-       ACR+ President and CEO of Zero Waste Scotland, Mr. Iain Gulland
-       European committee of the Regions, Mr. André van de Nadort